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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good Bye Moon

Good Bye Moon

We the Wolves were born wild
In the nobody's land once we lived free
We have roamed the wild country
We hunt for survive, for our offspring
We run free in the Nature
That we are part like deers and the owl
The smal flower the big tree
The great river the little sparrow
We have seen mountains grow from hills
Wondering under the yellow Sun
Running free from the begining of times
There were thousands of us
We claim no land, we comited no crimes.
I though we were here forever
Seeing the seasons passing us by
The Spring blossoming the meadows
And in the hot Summer
Looking for the cool on the tree shadows
With my brothers and sisters
I saw seasons come and go
Fiels go green and flowers bloom
Days break, nights came
And we wellcome howling our beloved Moon.
We saw the Autumns come in red
And in yellow the green leaves turn
We feel the cold Winter comes
Bringing Brother Wind and the white snow
With short food and small days
Long nights when we rest and grow
And now our time has came
To pay for the freedom we have
With our lives and spirits
And nothin will be the same.
Soon there will be nothing
For you humans to have
Soon there will be a desert
That you two-legs will not bare.
The two-legs have come in
And killed all of our prey
We are all so confused
Our days turn from blue to grey.
Because what have we done?
This is our sacred land
Our refuge, here we live in peace
Mother Earth protects us
Brother Wind sings us songs
Sister Rain kills our thirst.
The two-legs killed my mother
My brothers and sisters too
They will kill all the land
For greed, for poor greatness dreams
Soon they will have no place to live too.
One day Mother Earth will rise
With rage for their sons that were wiped out
Brother Wind will blow furiously
Sister Rain will reveng us all
The two-legs has got me.
Now I must die for nothing
My heart slowly beats, no fear in my eyes
I will be with my family soon.
Now the two-legs is over me
My memories are fading
As I get one last look
At my beloved Moon.

... for my beloved daughter